Surprising by nature

Spend more time in touch with nature! Plan your experience in one of the many parks or green areas. Let yourself be surprised by the wealth of our environmental heritage, even a stone’s throw from home!

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Hiking, mountain-climbing, mountain-bike itineraries and much more.
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Ecomuseums, exhibitions, food and wine…discover the cultural heritage.
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Breathe in the beauty of the woods and leave any thoughts behind.

Why use Parchi Aperti?

parchi aperti

All the benefits of vitamin P

Various researches point out that green areas make air more salubrious, encouraging exercise and reducing stress levels. All of this has positive effects on the respiratory, cardiac and psychic health: a real restorative called Vitamin P, where P stands for Parks. In the range of offers, let yourself be inspired by the experiences and find again your health.

parchi aperti

Unknown wonders in our backyard

In Italy there are a lot of natural parks, a heritage of environmental realities often unknown to most. Surely many of us have travelled around Europe or the world… but how many of us are aware of the wonders of the protected area in our own backyard? Through the platform you can discover to live near little and large paradisiac locations, each of them characterised by their peculiarities, that will leave you gobsmacked.

parchi aperti

Towards a more sustainable tourism

Who lives near green areas has a better perception of his own state of psycho-physical health. Discover the green area closer to you and the wellness activities that Parchi Aperti offers you. We value nature and reduce the environmental impact together, moving towards a more sustainable tourism.

parchi aperti

Worry-free experience

Time is a precious resource. By planning in advance your experience, whether it is going to be guided or autonomous, you can spend more time into the green area. Let us walk you through the secrets of the park and live a worry-free experience.