General terms of use

I. Who we are

parchiaperti allows you to search, explore and book your Experience (as defined below) in one of the many areas of environmental and cultural interest that populate the territory (eg Parks, Nature Reserves, Protected Areas, Archaeological Parks). To this end, for some of the proposed experiences we offer you the possibility of direct booking.

We do not organize travel packages. We do not carry out transport or travel, we do not own any third party providing services that are offered nor are we economically controlled by any of these third party suppliers.

II. These terms of use

These conditions of use govern, together with our data protection regulations, the use of our services and websites and form the fundamental basis of the relative use relationship between you and parchiaperti. These conditions apply exclusively to our own services, or to our mediation activity for the eventual booking of the services of participating Bodies and Organizations (hereinafter “Bodies and Organizations” or “Third Party Suppliers”)

In a separate and complementary way, the conditions of the Third Party Suppliers for the purchase of tickets and / or services offered by the same (for example transport, accommodation or travel) are applied. Furthermore, additional conditions may be applied for the booking platforms of the same Third Party Providers to which we redirect you. parchiaperti has no influence on these conditions applied.

parchiaperti® is a registered trademark and distinguishes the name of the service offered by the Dynamoscope Cultural Association, based in Via Degli Apuli, 5 – 20147 Milan (MI), Italy.

III. The services offered by parchiaperti

Our services are designed to provide you with the information you need to verify your visit experiences (hereinafter “Experience / s”) made available on the site by the participating Bodies and Organizations and to plan your visit in a simple and effective way. The actual Experiences (e.g. a hiking or food and wine route, an educational workshop, etc.) are not the subject of our service, but the content of a contract entered into by you separately with the respective Third Party Provider. parchiaperti acts as an intermediary between you and the Third Party Provider. We are therefore not responsible for the performance and methods of execution of the experience offered by them.

Our services are:

1. Search engine

We illustrate the different experiences promoted by the participating Bodies and Organizations, which we determine on the basis of your geographical position and your search filters, in a detailed representation including various information (eg duration, accessibility, possible booking possibilities). We cannot take any guarantee for the completeness or correctness of the results; we therefore rely on the information made available by the Third Party Suppliers, by the booking or information platforms made by the latter.

2. Reservation through Third Party Suppliers

The pages of the Experiences presented on parchiaperti may include direct links, through which you can access the booking services offered by the respective Bodies and Organizations. Through this function, you can make your reservation and possibly purchase the related services, using the services offered by the respective bodies and participating organizations. parchiaperrti does not own, create, sell, resell, control, manage or provide the Experiences. The participating Bodies or Organizations are exclusively responsible for the services and Experiences promoted by them.

In these cases, the contract for the provision of the Experience is finalized only with the respective Body or Organization. parchiaperti is not, nor becomes, a party or otherwise participates in any contractual relationship between you and the Entity or Organization, nor does it act as an agent for any reason. The Experiences thus booked (reservations and confirmations) are therefore subject exclusively to the conditions of the respective Bodies and Organizations. Consequently, any cancellations or changes to reservations must be made directly with them. Any payment is made through the payment system offered on their website. Additional costs may be charged by the respective Entity or Organization. We do not receive any commission from the member organizations and organizations.

3. Direct bookings on our website.

For most of the Experiences, we offer you the possibility to book online securely directly on our web pages: in this case your navigation is not redirected to the booking pages of the respective Bodies and participating Organizations.

In accordance with our data protection provisions, when you book an Experience through our services we collect data that we consider to be useful and necessary (e.g. your name, email, etc.). As an intermediary, we transfer your booking and part of the data you have shared with us to the respective Body or Organization.

In order to reduce the operational margins of error, the completion of each of your reservations takes place via email confirmation. For each of your reservations, we send the instructions with all the steps that must be taken in order to finalize it to the email address you provided when completing the booking form.

Any booking is considered completed only and exclusively when the preliminary procedure is completed. Upon completion of each reservation, you will receive an automatically generated electronic ticket at the email address you provided us with. In some cases, you may receive a unique booking code or voucher, which you will need to redeem at the Experience provider (eg. Ticket office, counter or vending machine) before using it.

In the event that you have booked a paid Experience, it is understood that the actual use of the Experience you have booked is subject to the payment directly to the Body or Organization and that you will have to carry out according to the methods and instructions that will be indicated in the email confirmation.

We ask that you check any documents we have sent you without delay. To allow us to produce the correct version of any document, you are required to immediately report any errors or incorrect information by contacting our Help Center, reachable at the web address:, following the procedure referred to in point IV below.

parchiaperrti is not, nor becomes, part or otherwise participates in any contractual relationship between you and the individual Body or Organization, nor does it act as an agent for any reason, except for the issue of the ticket, for which it acts as an agent without representation of the Entity or Organization. The automatic issue of the ticket is carried out by open parking in the exclusive interest of the Entity or Organization which is therefore exclusively responsible towards you in relation to the use of the booked Experience. By not offering any guarantee for the effective use of the Experience you have booked, in the event of cancellation or postponement of the Experience itself, the conditions and methods of cancellation remain governed by the conditions provided for by the respective Third Party Provider. Since we want all your Experience to be the best possible, we still offer our assistance in case of difficulty: our Assistance Center is available to support all your requests to the Third Party Provider, including cancellation requests. Our Help Center is available here:

In accordance with the provisions of the contracts for the supply of services regarding leisure time activities for which the contract provides for a specific date or period of execution (pursuant to Article 59 letter n of Legislative Decree 6 September 2005, 206 “Consumer Code”), you do not normally enjoy the right of withdrawal.

IV. Registration

If you want to access Help Center, we ask you to register your personal account. You will then be able to access your individual profile by entering your valid email address and password. Any of your personal data is treated in accordance with ours. Only natural persons of age and with full legal capacity can register as users of our services. It is your responsibility to maintain the confidentiality and security of your account login credentials and not to disclose them to third parties. Please notify us immediately of any possible behavior that could create security holes and any possible embezzlement of your account. parchiaperti cannot be held responsible for any damage caused by unauthorized use of an account. At the time of your registration, you are required to enter the necessary information completely, correctly and truthfully and, if necessary, to update it. Registration is not transferable.

Deactivation of the account due to inactivity

If you do not use the services for a period of time exceeding 24 consecutive months, parchiaperti has the right to deactivate your Account and subsequently delete it without giving you further specific communication.

V. Limitations

We make our Internet pages available to you with the functions available in individual cases; there is no entitlement to the performance of certain functions. We have the right, at any time, to make changes to the content or functionality (e.g. through patches, updates or changes). Continuous accessibility of our pages is not guaranteed. In particular, technical problems beyond our control can lead to periods of service interruption. Maintenance measures can affect availability. These are performed in the least intrusive way possible. We continually strive to ensure flawless and uninterrupted technical operation of our services. However, we cannot take any responsibility for the undisturbed, timely and uninterrupted accessibility or usability of our offer. This applies in particular to technical delays, breakdowns and any resulting damage. All property rights and other rights on our Internet pages remain our property.

Viruses and connection to third party sites

parchiaperti is committed to the best of its ability to keep its services free from viruses, but cannot guarantee to be immune from them. The user on his part is required to adopt security measures suitable for the normal use of the Internet medium. In the case of using hypertext links to third parties, parchiaperti assumes no responsibility for third party content, nor does it have any obligation to control them.

YI. User obligations and duties, warnings

As a user, you are responsible for complying with all formalities relating to the use of the Experience you have booked (age requirements, entry regulations, vaccinations and other health requirements). While we take care to inform you of the warnings known to us, it is your responsibility and duty to take note of the individual regulations of each supplier to ensure a smooth process.

VII. Limitation of liability of open parkers, Third Party Suppliers

We make every effort to ensure the accuracy of the information contained on all of our pages. For the details of the individual Experiences or services, we rely on the information provided by the respective Third Party Suppliers. We do not have the ability to fully verify the accuracy and currency of the information we collect and present. Verification by us takes place only when necessary. We therefore ask you to personally check the individual login / visit information. The same applies to all other information that we present on our Experience pages, which has been made available to us by the Third Party Providers.

We are not involved in the presentation or in the description of the visit or excursion services by the Third Party Providers and therefore we are not responsible for the related contents offered or the contracts concluded with them.

We are not responsible for the actual and correct provision of the booked service. Neither we nor our partners make any representations or warranties, express or implied, with respect to the information, services or software communicated or referred to on our pages. Any warranty rights or claims for damages must be asserted against the respective Third Party Supplier.

Our offer contains links to other web pages which we do not manage or control directly and for which we are not responsible. We do not endorse the content of these other websites and assume no responsibility for the legality or functionality of such content nor are we liable for any loss or damage that may arise from the use of these pages. We recommend that you carefully read the respective general conditions of the respective web pages to which our site refers.

VIII. Data protection

The processing of your data while using our services is the subject of ours


IX. Modification of these terms of use

Our offer will expand and undergo changes. Therefore, we reserve the right to change these terms of use at any time.

X. Copyrights

Any right on the intellectual property of any content of the parchiaperti services belongs to Associazione Culturale Dynamoscopio, unless expressly stated in a different way.

The user declares to:

  1. not to download, upload, copy, print, reproduce or use in any way, completely or partially, the contents of the site without the relative permission granted by parchiaperti.
  2. not to infringe the law of Italy and of any other country in general.

XI. Applicable law, jurisdiction and exclusive jurisdiction

These conditions of use are governed by Italian law and must be interpreted by applying this legislation. Disputes that may arise in relation to these Terms of Use are subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Italian courts and, in particular, to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Court of Milan.

XII. Contacts / Communications

If you have complaints or if you think that some of the contents of our offer violate the rights of third parties, you can contact us through our Help Center:

Your comments, suggestions for improvement, advice or gratification are important to us. Help us improve the service we provide to you and all our users. For this you can simply write to us at: By submitting your feedback, you grant us the right to use it free of charge and anonymously for technical and commercial purposes and to share it with third parties. Of course this is done in consideration of our data protection regulations.