How it works

Do you want to spend more time in close contact with nature? With parchiaperti you can book your visit in one of the many parks or green areas, starting from those next to you! Let yourself be astonished by the richness of our environmental heritage.

4 simple steps to choose the experience in nature suitable for you!


1. Get inspired

Today more than ever to live and enjoy the environment we need to be able to imagine it. Consult the proposals offered in the catalog: photos and ideas from which to take inspiration for your next experience in contact with Nature, starting with those closest to you.


2. Customize your search

Trekking or skiing, snowshoeing or canoeing? Use the filters to customize your search results to match your interests, suit the season, and match the time you have available.


3. Check availability

Choose the right moment for you among those proposed on the calendar. The planning of the initiatives guarantees that every experience is offered to the maximum in terms of quality and safety.


4. Book

Save time with a simple and secure online booking system, which allows you to receive confirmation and your ticket quickly. Now all you have to do is… enjoy the visit!

Short-term memory can be improved by 20% just by being in contact with the environment.

Why use parchiaperti?

parchi aperti

All the benefits of the “P vitamin”

Discover the new “tonic”, vitamin P(arks)! Let yourself be inspired by the many experiences they offer and spend more time in contact with Nature! Natural environments, especially forests and areas rich in vegetation, are able to strengthen the immune system, soothe states of mental stress, improve physical performance. All of this will have beneficial effects on your health.

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Unknown realities a stone’s throw from home

Many of us live near little corners of paradise, but how many of us know the wonders they have back home? In Italy there are many natural parks and as many protected areas. Start exploring this environmental heritage with Parchiaperti, you’ll see that you’ll be amazed!

parchi aperti

Towards a more sustainable tourism

Italian parks are not isolated and uninhabited places, they are areas in which strong communities live and operate which, although linked to very ancient traditions, have demonstrated on several occasions that they are open to the evolution of these areas. Management that is attentive to the environment, to the populations, to local economies and also to visitors is the only way towards sustainable tourism. This is also why Parchiaperti was born!

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Worry-free experiences

Time is a precious commodity: plan your experiences in contact with nature in advance. Whether they are guided or independently, with Parchiaperti you spend more time discovering the parks and have a worry-free experience.