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Become the next destination for green travelers! If you manage or protect a place of recognized environmental and / or cultural value or are accredited to organize and offer experiences (e.g. events, shows, excursions, trekking, guided itineraries, exhibitions, set-ups, itineraries, guided tours, festivals, conferences, workshops , courses, events, services, etc.), become a partner of parchiaperti right now.


With more than 15,000 reservations and purchases in the last 2 editions, we are the technological partner of the car-free Castelluccio di Norcia lentil flowering in the Monti Sibillini National Park, Oscar winner for Ecotourism by Legambiente.


Is expressly promoted the participation of: Natural parks and Protected areas; Archaeological parks; UNESCO sites; Botanical gardens; Historic gardens; Municipalities and Pro-Loco; Public entities; Associations, cooperatives and accredited companies operating in the field of environmental promotion; Associations, Cooperatives and Accredited Companies operating in the field of sustainable and experiential tourism; Associations, cooperatives and accredited companies operating in the field of cultural promotion; Guides, Operators and Individuals operating as accredited professionals.

You are in good company!

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Publish the experiences you propose, in 4 simple steps:


1. Register

Fill out the online form. You will be guided through some simple questions, useful for gathering the information you need to best describe your mission or your professionalism.


The name, a brief description, the logo and the most beautiful images of your business are the first step from which to start to become part of the community. Users consult this information to find out who you are.


Once registration is complete, check your inbox! You will receive in the email box you have indicated the credentials necessary to access your Reserved Area


2. Contents and information

Use the credentials you received via email to access your Content Manager (webCMS). For security reasons, when you first log in, you are prompted to change your temporary password to one of your choice.


If you have any difficulties, if you have any doubts or questions, you can contact our Help Center at any time.


3. Localities

In the Management section, you can select the Locations for which you have valid accreditation. Parks, Protected Areas, Reserves, Archaeological Parks, etc. The Locations are the large areas or areas in which the experiences you publish on parchiaperti take place.


The description, the services offered to the public, the accommodation options and any rules to be followed are the main contents, which you can introduce and modify at any time. Users consult this information to decide where to go.


4. Experiences

Click Add to enter your first Experience associated with this Location. Sport, Nature, Culture and relaxation are the 3 main categories that users use to decide what to do. The title, description, any advice and the photo book are the most consulted information.


In the event that the experience you are introducing is not permanent and free to access, you can provide information on the maximum number of people who can participate, on accessibility and booking obligations, on timetables and recurrence in the calendar. and about the possible admission price.


In this section, moreover, you can activate the electronic voucher issuing service and payment management. Parchiaperti delivers to each user the booking or pre-sale voucher of the experience at the time of their booking.

Pre-sell the experiences you promote:

parchiaperti offers you a paid promotion, presale and experience management service. Each cost shown, withheld by parcoaperti, is proportional to the payments made by Users and actually collected. These costs are applied by Commission Bands, which can be described as follows:

Tier 1


on the cost of the experience


if the arithmetic mean of the transactions in the reference month is between €5.00 and €200.00

Tier 2



on the cost of the experience


if the arithmetic mean of the transactions in the reference month is greater than €200.00

Tier 3



on the cost of the experience


if the arithmetic mean of the transactions in the reference month is less than €5.00

Each cost applied by parcoaperti includes VAT and all other charges. No further costs are exposed by parcosperti to the Partners.

An example of application of the Bands is available in the Commercial Offer document, attached to the General Terms and Conditions of contract and use of the parchiaperti platform.

As described in the General conditions of contract and use of the parchiaperti platform, which we invite you to read carefully:

  • Receivables are recognized by the last day of the month following the date of actual collection
  • the appropriate bracket is applied starting from the first day of the month following the month in which the receipts are entered
  • at the time of enrollment, the entry bracket is applied, corresponding to Tier 1
  • all tax charges, any copyrights and the issuance of the admission ticket are your responsibility
  • you are responsible for the punctual execution of the experiences and, if foreseen, for the reimbursement activities to the Users of the amount paid for the reservation of the Experience. The Service for managing the postponement and cancellation of experiences, including any reimbursement to Users, can be activated separately.

The parks open platform offers you for free:

  • the promotion of your organization and your professionalism
  • the promotion of the localities that you protect and value
  • the promotion, booking and management of free experiences: experiences that are always available and freely accessible (e.g. routes, itineraries, etc.); free experiences that can be activated upon contact (e.g. educational laboratories, workshops, etc.); experiences on the calendar with no obligation to book and with free access (e.g. events, festivals, etc.); experiences on the calendar with reservations required and free access (e.g. visits with free access, entrance to areas with capacity limits, etc.).

57% of italians want to rediscover the beauty and culture linked to the protected areas of the country and its historic villages.