Lombard Park of the Ticino Valley

Parco del Ticino
Parco del Ticino lombardo
Parco del Ticino lombardo

The Ticino Valley is located partly in the Swiss territory and partly between Lombardy and Piedmont; in Italian territory it is protected, for the Lombard part, by the Lombard Park of the Ticino Valley, and for the Piedmontese part by the Ticino Natural Park.

The river of the same name has a total length of 248 km, from the Novena Pass, in Switzerland, to the confluence with the Po. In the section included in the Park, from Sesto Calende (VA) to Ponte della Becca (PV), it has a length of 110 km.

The Ticino Valley, as a whole, was recognized in 2002 as a Biosphere Reserve under the Unesco Man and Biosphere Program (MAB). After an initial expansion recognized in 2014, the Ticino Val Grande Verbano Reserve was designated in July 2018, as a further extension of the Ticino Valley Reserve to the Swiss border.

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